Actor, Voice Actor, Comedian – SAG-e

Best known as the GPS voice in Denso systems in 75% of cars internationally, Ella is known as the chocolate voiced vixen in her native Australia where she had a 20 year career as the promo voice for major radio and TV networks.

Born in Sydney, Australia and raised by a British mother, Ella has native Australian and British accents (she’s cast as soundalike for Emma Thompson, Dame Judi Dench and does a cracking Dame Maggie Smith) both of which are undetectable in her American accent. Ella now lives in Los Angeles (Greencard).

Cast as 40’s-50’s, Ella was an award winning top rating Radio host, journalist and TV presenter for 20 years before training as an Executive Coach and mentor, and joining the Corporate/Motivational Speaking Circuit in the Asia Pacific Region where she speaks on Resilience.

Over the past year Ella has appeared on Conan, as the lead in the film MERE PLAYERS, the lead in MTV Catfish, Untold Stories.

Ella has been a comedian for 15 years, an Actor for 10, training in both Australia and the US. She regularly performs in Los Angeles.

Ella is represented by:

Theatrical & Commercial:          Jane Schulman at Vesta Talent Agency (310) 538-8298

Voice:                                              J Erik  Seastrand at William Morris Endeavor (310) 859-4289

Ella has started a group #ziplocsoflove, which gathers in her home bimonthly to fill Ziploc bags with donations for the homeless.

DANGER – High Voltage!