UnMistakably Ella ran for 17 weeks after envisioning a one night only event. I am so grateful for all the support and encouragement I received. From friends who came then came back with more friends, to total strangers. One woman overheard me on the phone in Ralphs. Came up to speak to me about my voice, and then came to the show! Barry Wise from Studio City Lifestyle magazine wrote an article, show unseen and became a vocal supporter.

It was a case study in what happens when you take a big breath and dive into the unknown, leaving expectations behind, with only your talent and confidence in yourself…and that important ingredient SUPPORT. If often occurred to me that I wasn’t aware of this support until it was there, and I am so grateful, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Trying to know where something is going to go is hard. Showbusiness is not only based on economics and marketing, but ultimately hope…hope that people will enjoy your vision.

It occurs to me that when you do support someones vision, you become part of something bigger than yourself. For that, you should pat yourselves on the back!


On the 18th September, Ella staged her one night only one woman show, UNMISTAKABLY ELLA at the TWO ROADS THEATER in Studio City. It was sold out, got a standing ovation, and an invitation from the theater for an 8 week run with the possibility of a further extension. The show is now playing every Wednesday night at 8pm until end February 2020

Here’s what people are saying.

‘This is the antidote to a divided world. A rare night out where you just feel good about life;
about people, about possibilities, about love, about family, even about sex and death!
It’s one helluva wonderful hour to spend on a Wednesday.’

I’ve seen energy on stage but you are something of a SUPERNOVA!!!!

Ella is utterly engaging, funny, gracious, poignant, and so relaxed with us. We audience were in expert hands. This format is golden.

Such a fun show. Ella is funny, charming, gutsy, and vulnerable.

Ella was brave, funny and engaging. Loved her voice and delivery.

Really touching and beautiful Really intimate and fun night.

Imagine if you will a menage a trois between brilliant stand-up, heart-melting storytelling, and a kick-ass one-woman show.
Now imagine their wicked funny offspring.
She’s Unmistakably…Ella.

Here’s what the audience thinks!